5Best Options Trading Platforms for 2020

Option trading brokers

Option trading brokers


You can use a sell to open option to profit when you believe the price of the underlying security is going to rise by selling a put. This means that you’ll be going long on the option’s underlying security by allowing you to buy that appreciated security at a lower price in the future. When selling options, your downside is unlimited and you can lose more than the amount you have invested.

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Many options brokers can provide advice on strategy and execution (although not on what to buy or sell). Options brokers also understand the market well so don't be afraid to trade over the phone to make sure that you explain exactly what you want to do.

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In addition, every broker we surveyed was required to fill out an extensive survey about all aspects of its platform that we used in our testing. Many of the online brokers we evaluated provided us with in-person demonstrations of its platforms at our offices.

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Now, this platform offers access to streaming strategy options chains, which is pretty different from many other platforms. The abundant amount of education content that helps you grow into more advanced spreads and strategies.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a broker with a bank of smart tools, a great app, and maybe even want to learn more about options trading, then Interactive Brokers might be the perfect match for you. Learn more about the Interactive Brokers 8767 pros and cons in our Interactive Brokers review.

Best Options Trading Platforms for July 2020

For research, TradeStation also earns high marks with more than 655 indicators to include in your test strategies. The platform includes over 95 years of stock trading data and also has over 95 years of intraday data.

Trading UK equity options are one of the most popular ways to protect and hedge an overall long equity portfolio. We provide a list of UK equity options brokers in our options broker comparison table.

Buying options is one of the most versatile and low-risk ways to speculate on the financial markets. However, as well as being low risk when buying, if you are shorting options can be incredibly risky (more so than futures).

Executions are typically fast on this platform, and the costs are lower than average with equity option trade commissions set at $65 per leg. Though beginners might be uncomfortable at first, those who enjoy options and understand the basics can use the niche features and content to their advantage.

Most options brokers find the clients will trade options as part of an overall portfolio for hedging or speculation. So, if you want to compare options brokers in the UK take a look at our options broker comparison table to see if the options broker offers additional services that are required for your overall investment objectives.

If low pricing is your biggest objective, then you’re likely to find Robinhood an attractive broker. The trading app is well-known for its $5 stock commissions but it also offers the same for options. Traders will get an easy-to-use interface on a mobile app that allows you to place trades intuitively, though you can also use a desktop platform if that’s your style. What you won’t get, however, is all the research and tools that many other brokers offer. ( Read more… )

We have ranked them as the best overall broker for options trading because of its interactive mobile app, customizable Trader Workstation platform that includes OptionTrader, and cool spread set-up.

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As you become more familiar with options combinations, you can use testing strategies and simulators on certain trading platforms like TD Ameritrade and E*Trade to see how your trades could possibly earn you more money.


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