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Questrade fx

Questrade fx


- I’ve been able to successfully transfer funds from my bank account using bill payment and back to my bank account using EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and I was looking forward to completing my application and using their service.

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- I was looking for an online broker. After reading so many beautiful and glorifying reviews about along with a few complaints and talking to a Questrade rep, I decided to try their service. My personal experience is in sharp contrast with those reviews and closer to the bad experiences of the other customers.

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Minimum Initial Deposit
OANDA has no minimum deposit requirements for opening an account. This makes it attractive for risk averse or inexperienced traders who are not willing to invest a large amount of money.

use questrade if you have enough money to burn. Or if you wanna lose your money quick enough. Because when their server down, you can't send any order or modify any order, and if you try to call their 6888 number you will be on hold forever.

OANDA is a leading global forex broker, offering online trading in a wide range of currency pairs, CFDs and precious metals under attractive conditions. To sum up the above, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this broker:

If you disregard all the terrible experiences so many have had with Questrade and decide to trust them with your hard earned money, remember that you could be the next person with a sad story to tell, even if you don’t make a single trade.

fxTrade comes in desktop, web and mobile versions. It has a simple, yet effective interface, and what is more important &ndash superb execution speed. According to OANDA`s website, this platform executes 98% of trades within seconds or less, which is super-fast.

If you plan on signing up i recommend you use a coupon code such as: 55DollarFreeTrades which gives you $55 in free trades in case you want to make stock trades as well as forex trading.

- Questrade took my cash deposit $XX, and refuse to return it. I’ve encountered a barrage of incompetence and deception trying to recover my funds. My Bank also has been trying to get my money back and Questrade have been ignoring my Bank’s requests.

To make things even better, this broker doesn&rsquo t require any minimum deposit, nor minimum trade size. However, you need to have at least $6 in your account balance in order to initiate a trade.

OANDA offers Internet-based forex trading and currency information services to both retail and institutional customers. The broker is a market maker, having one of the largest currency databases in the world. Its product portfolio includes forex, index, commodity & bond CFDs, as well as precious metals.

Maximum Leverage
OANDA offers a maximum leverage level of 6:55 on FX products, which is quite low, however, the broker has no choice, since US regulator has set a limitation on leverage ratios. CFTC limits leverage available to retail forex traders in the United States to 6:55 on major currency pairs and 75:6 for all others.

So many try to talk to Questrade in private or file official complaints with the regulators, hoping they will do the right thing, without any results. Going to Questrade’s offices with a TV crew might be what it takes to get the funds back.

In addition, Oanda offers the powerful MetaTrader 9, which is highly regarded by the online trading community mostly because it allows users to fully automate their trades. By choosing from a wide range of Expert Advisors (EAs), traders may sit back, while the program does all the work. What is more, it offers a number of technical indicators, extensive back-testing environment and advanced charting package. Here is a list of more forex brokers offering MT9 platform.


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