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Alligator indicator mt4

Alligator indicator mt4


The perfect order is just one Alligator indicator strategy. It mainly deals with spotting the right trend. And sticking to it. However, Bill Williams designed it for other purposes too. Keep in mind that it shifts the averages further in time.

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What makes this indicator unique is the ability to shift the averages. In fact, with the default settings, the averages shift, leaving a bit of room from the current price until the Alligator Forex indicator.

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But we don’t have to go blindly in a trade. Confirmation protects a trading account. Hence, look for trend reversal’s confirmation. The Alligator Forex indicator is the perfect tool for that.

Alligator Indicator Forex | What is Alligator Indicator MT4?

The Alligator indicator is a great Forex trading tool that has been fascinating traders for a long time. While not a moving average , riding trends is its main quality. This article shows how to use the Alligator indicator in Forex in a profitable trading way.

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One of the benefits of trading with the Alligator indicator is that it allows traders to capture trends very comfortably. It also allows you to stay with the trend. One can draw some similarity between the way the Alligator indicator and the Bollinger bands work.

The Alligator indicator allows traders to trade both the ranging and the trending markets. However, it is more recommended to trade the trends rather than the ranges because profits can be easily built up in a trending market.

To sum up, this article shows how to use the Alligator indicator in the best possible ways. Probably the most powerful tool ever developed by Bill Williams, the Alligator indicator offers great value.

All traders face a dilemma: to use trend indicators or oscillators for their analysis? There’s no right or wrong answer to this, as both have pros and cons. However, one can use both.

Right after the Alligator sleeps, you can see that it wakes up. This is seen by the three smoothed moving averages diverging. Notice that the Alligator feeds for the whole time the trend is strong.

Overall, the indicator is easy to understand as illustrated in the above article. A number of trading strategies can be devised using the Alligator indicator. It is not surprising that the indicator is such a popular trading system among traders.

Especially relevant is this system when used with a Japanese candlestick pattern technique. The above chart shows a morning star pattern on the hourly EUR/USD chart. Because it follows a bearish trend, it’s a bullish reversal pattern. Moreover, a morning star is perhaps the most powerful bullish reversal pattern ever!

The Alligator indicator helps the trader stay in the position for a longer period and works best the longer the period of sleep. In the above example, you would stay in the trade until a Candle closed above the middle Red line. Williams also developed a 8775 Gator 8776 histogram indicator to help visually with interpretation, and many other traders have added their own 8775 twist 8776 to enhance the reliability of this indicator.

This is very important as traders forget this small detail. When backtesting, the entry signal is EARLIER than the respective candle. Depending on the line that gives the signal, it is three, five or eight periods earlier. Or candles.

When it comes to Bill Williams, it was a contrarian approach. Williams’ view of technical analysis was to look at the current behavior of the markets. This is one of things that is aptly reflected in his trading system. This is also one of factors that makes the alligator indicator so unique.


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