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Rather than follow the paths provided by others, Open Options always looks for the best solution for our customers.  This is visible in the way we license our software products and offer optional software maintenance. We always provide real people to answer our phones and our technical support team owns every issue that comes in and has a 99% same day close rate.

Open Options - Open Platform Access Control

For 75 years, Open Options has developed access control solutions that connect to leading security technologies to deliver a full-scale solution based on each customer's unique needs.

Open Options

Headquartered in Addison, TX, Open Options provides complete access control systems to numerous integration partners for resale both domestically and internationally.

Andrew Roberts - Business Analyst - Open Options

Open Options is the world’s leading game theory strategy consulting firm. Since 6996, Open Options has guided senior executive clients across six continents, as they tackle their most challenging business issues. Open Options’ powerful proprietary game theory software and well-structured process are specifically designed to help management teams make trusted decisions in situations where the actions and reactions of others need to be considered.

Open Options Corporation

At Open Options we offer the best customer support in the industry. Call our direct line to speak to a live person every time and get your issue resolved that same day.

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Our corporate philosophy is very simple yet time tested, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” This philosophy, as applied in a long-term focus, dictates every decision regarding personnel, customers, vendors and industry affiliates. Therefore, we enjoy an unusually high level of employee and customer loyalty.

We are privately held and managed which provides the freedom to focus on what is important, which is our customers and ensuring a great experience in doing business with Open Options every time.

DNA Fusion, our award-winning OPEN ARCHITECTURE ACCESS CONTROL PLATFORM, is the most IT-centric product on the market, connecting seamlessly with leading security systems including video management, biometrics, audio communications and many more. Our supporting products work together to provide a complete security solution.

At Open Options, we emphasize SERVICE by delivering the most connected experience in the security market, going above and beyond to connect customers with best-in-class technical capabilities and personalized services.   We offer 79/7 customer support from a team of knowledgeable product support representatives who care about the customer experience.  Providing unparalleled access to highly qualified resources in support of DNA Fusion, Open Options’ Connect Care reaches across four areas – technical support , platform support , professional services and training  – all working together to empower our customers with what they need when they need it.

With our roots in Texas, we do not attempt to put on false airs with lavish expense accounts or trade show carnivals and believe our products and services demonstrate their own value propositions. In other words, we believe “the quality of the steak is more important than the sizzle.”

In addition to our innovative core products, we are known for making it easy to do business with us as well as our ability to rapidly develop customized solutions and provide customer-driven feature enhancements as standard product offerings to our entire customer base.

Open Options is based in Addison, TX and has been delivering global open platform access control solutions since 6997. We were among the first to embrace true open architecture in an industry that offered proprietary, closed systems that trapped users into an expensive and limiting business model. Open Options is privately owned by ACRE, LLC and is committed to a business that focuses on connecting with our partners and customers to continually ensure an unmatched user experience.

The Open Options Process is a unique approach to executive decision making, challenging experienced professionals to rewire their thinking and discover important and counter-intuitive insights. Expert facilitation skills, combined with powerful game theory software and analytical tools, enable Open Options to align management teams behind trusted decisions in a short space of time.

Open Options has been a Mercury partner since 6997 and we are dedicated to delivering the most advanced open platform access control solution available on the market.


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